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Governors at Heather Primary School

A Message from Dawn Guzzetta  Chairs of the Governing Body.


I am writing this on behalf of the Governing Body of Heather Primary School. I want to tell you something about our school and to explain how the governing body carries out its responsibility to make sure that all children at the school learn to be the best that they possibly can.

We take a great pride in the caring ethos of the school and we do our utmost to support leaders and professional staff to maximise children’s life chances. There is a real unity of purpose and this gives our school a firm base on which to build and improve

Heather Primary School has up to twelve Governors on the Full Governing Body. Every Governor is also assigned to one of the governing body's committees, according to their skill, experience and interest.

Governor Pen Portraits - Click here to find out more about our Governors



Currently we have a Finance & Resources Committee, a Pay Committee and a Quality of Education Committee. The terms of reference for each of the committees can be found below:

Finance & Resources Committee and Pay Committee Terms of Reference

Quality of Education Committee Terms of Reference 

By law governors must ensure that the school has a sense of purpose and direction, ensure that leaders and professional staff are helping children to achieve the highest standards possible, and ensure that the school is using its financial and other resources wisely to the benefit of all pupils.

We want parents to be closely involved in their children’s education, both through working with the children at home and in supporting the day to day life of the school. As governors we visit the school on your behalf, we learn about what is happening in the classrooms, we celebrate children’s many achievements and we make sure that there is a safe and positive environment where all children can thrive.


We know that our school needs to improve and this academic year 2022-23 governors are focusing their attention on.

  • How the school carries out planned improvements in teaching of maths and phonics.

  • A new phonics scheme has been purchased and we will be hearing from the Headteacher and her staff about how effectively that is working.

  • Learning and understanding how the curriculum is been planned and developed and adapted to meet current OFSTED expectations.

  • Making sure that the school has the capacity to meet the demands that are placed on it, this is often quite a challenge for smaller schools.

There is one Co-opted Governor and one Parent Governor  vacancy on the governing body at present but if you are interested in the role and would like to speak to  our Chair of Governors pleae get in  touch. The Governing Body is always keen to hear from people who would be willing to serve when vacancies arise. If you prefer, you can register your interest with our clerk;

Governors' Register of Interests 2022-23


Heather Primary School Governing Body 
Governors' Attendance 

Name                                        Governor Role               Committees              Appointed         Term Ends
   Dawn Guzzetta                         LA Governor                        Quality of Education           30/07/2019          29/07/2023 
                                                    Chair of Governors 

Sandra Compton                     Co-opted                               To be decided                     7/03/24                  6/03/2028

Karen Edwards                         Co-opted                               Finance and Resources    30/03/22              29/03/2026

Samantha Reed                       Parent Governor                 To be decided                       13/11/2023            12/11/2027

Hannah Kendrick                     Parent Governor                  Quality of Education           1/03/2022            28/2/2026

Steven Johnson                        Co-opted Governor           Finance and Resources     1/03/2022            28/2/2026

Maxine Michalowski                Headteacher                                                                            8/01/2018

Claire Ottey                                Parent                                      Quality of Education           8/7/2022              7/7/2026

Sara-Jayne Riley Lowndes   Co-opted                                Finance and Resources     8/7/2022              7/7/2026

Miles Blackburn                        Parent                                      Quality of Education            16/6/2023            15/06/2027

Historic Governors (left in the last 12 months)



Bethany Hincks                    Co-opted                               Finance and Resources           23/6/22                12/4/2024

Nicole Adcock                      Parent Governor                 Quality of Education                28/03/19              27/03/2023

Sara Riley Lowndes             Staff Governor                                                                               10//9/2020          7/7/2022        

Caroline Ludlam                  Co-opted                               Quality of Education                13/12/2019              12/12/2023

                                                  Co -Chair of Governors                                                              1/03/22                  28/02/2023

Rachel Aucott                       Co-opted                                 Finance and Resources       28/03/2019          26/03/2027      

                                                  Co -Chair of Governors                                                              1/03/22                 28/02/2023

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