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Teaching Staff 

Miss Chappell 
LSA -Support Year 1/2 

Mrs Thompson 

 PPA Cover  ( 2 days a week)

Teaching Staff 

Mrs Michalowski

Headteacher -

Mrs Smith 
 EYFS (Caterpillar) teacher  

Mrs Goode
 Year 1/2 (Ladybird  Mon and Tues) teacher  - 

Mrs Kilduff
 Year 1/2 (Ladybird  Wednesday, Thursday and Fri) teacher 

Miss Barton 

Mr Johnson  Year 5/6 (Dragonfly) teacher

Mrs Thornley 
SENDCO and Interventions - Friday 

Classroom Support  Staff 

Miss Chappell 
TA/Cover Supervisor -Support Year 3/4

Mrs Conway 
LSA 1:1 Support 5/6 (afternoons)

Mrs Harden
TA/Cover Supervisor  - EYFS 

Mrs Roadley
TA  -1:1 support Year 5/6 (mornings)

Mrs Tatham

LSA - 1:1 class support Year 5/6 (mornings)

Mrs Winterton 
TA (ELSA)-  class support Year 1/2 (mornings)
Mon and Weds pm (PP and ELSA Support)

Miss Allsop
LSA - 1:1 class support Year1/2

Miss Ikin 
LSA - 1:1 class support Year EYFS/1 

Miss Perkins
LSA - 1:1 class support Year EYFS

Mid Day Supervisors 

Mrs Roadley
Mrs Brown

Mrs Cope
Mrs Conway 


(Morning and After School at Heather) Club  Support  Staff 

Mrs Cope 
Miss Henningham 

Mrs Ottey
Mrs Tatham 


Office   Staff 

Mrs Davies
Bursar & Office Manager  

Suzanne Cook

Administrative Assistant  

Vacant Post  
Clerk to the Governors 

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