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Our writing is planned around the use of quality texts which may or not be linked to the overarching topic that is being taught at that time. 

The majority of our writing taught follow s the principles of Talk 4 Writing and each unit of work has a quality text as a stimulus as well as a specific model text that is used as a means to scaffold the children’s wiring through the leaning process. 

Over the academic year children in key Stage 1 will cover genres that fall under the heading o writing it inform and writing to entertain.  In Lower Key stage to the focus is Writing to entertain, inform and persuade and in upper Key Stage 2 writing to discuss is added to the list. 

When teaching a unit using the principle of Talk for Writing – children will complete a cold task at the start of the unit which the teachers will assess and  use to plan a sequence of activities.  All children at the end of the unit will complete an independent application to show case their learning, this writing may take place for examples within a History, Geography or RE lesson.  Displays in the classroom reflect the writing that is taught and is used by the pupils to support their learning. 


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