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Our Computing is taught using the Wessex ICT scheme of work which includes half termly e-safety lessons across the school.  The aim is for children to understand the apply their understanding of computers and computational science. This is taught through the studying of 4 key strands - Technology in our lives, Programming, Multimedia and Handling Data.  Through the teaching of Computing through these key strands, we aim to educate our pupils to use a range of technology positively, safely and responsibly continually developing an enhancing their skills  so they can be active participants in  an every changing and expanding digital world.     Children are taught stand-alone online safety lessons each half term following the ActiveBYTES scheme of work which is age appropriate, relevant and engages pupil’s interests. 


Computing Curriculum Map  2023-2025 

Computing and Knowledge Progression 

EYFS Provision Mapping 

Online Safety Knowledge Maps

EYFS - Megabyte Safe

Year 1 - Gigabyte Safe

Year 2 - Gigabyte Safe

Year 3 - Terabyte Safe

Year 4 - Terabyte Safe

Year 5 - Petabyte Safe

Year 6 - Petabyte Safe 



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