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At Heather Primary School, we aim to provide an inspiring, investigative science curriculum encouraging children to become inquisitive, resilient problem-solvers throughout their time at the school and beyond. Our science curriculum fosters a curiosity and respect in children for the world around us and all living things.

At Heather, within the Early Years, children access science by exploring the world around them through learning and play. Throughout KS1 and KS2, we follow the Kent Primary Science Scheme of Work on a planned two-year cycle which ensures progression across the school.

Children acquire and develop the key knowledge in each unit alongside the application of their scientific skills. Earlier work is revisited at the beginning of each unit to ensure that the key vocabulary and concepts are embedded.

The children’s ability to work scientifically is built upon and developed throughout their time at the school through the use of different types of equipment, conducting and creating experiments, building arguments, explaining concepts and asking questions.

Outdoor learning is important at Heather, making use of our grounds especially the Forest School area to give the children a ‘real-life’ environment in which to observe, investigate and develop their wider scientific knowledge.

Work is recorded in books and supported by classroom displays reinforcing key scientific vocabulary and celebrating children’s work.

Science Curriculum Map 2023-25

Science Knowledge Progression
Science Skills Progression
Science Vocabulary Progression


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