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Our approach to the curriculum

At Heather Primary School, our approach to the curriculum is to provide a creative, rounded and balanced curriculum to help pupils achieve their potential and prepare them for their next phase of education. We do this by planning the curriculum for each year group and then personalising it to suit the needs of each child. Our curriculum is reviewed each year depending on how ourclasses are organised.

Heather Primary School is committed to meeting the requirements of the primary National Curriculum.

  We are developing our curriculum to allow the children to be:

  •  Creative: in order to explore their own identity and to develop and express their personality with growing confidence. To understand, accept and respect the limitless ways that others express themselves and that creativity can help us to define ourselves culturally, socially and individually.

  •  Helpful: to know how and when they can use their personal strengths and skills to support the growth of others in an aspect that they themselves have mastered. To be kind in school and as citizens in the wider and global communities and know that when we help others they help us and that this will make the world a better place.

  • Independent: to be able to take pride and confidence in their personal growth and to understand that they can organise their thinking, work and possessions to manage a world which is ever-changing and at times confusing.

  • Logical: to empower them to select skills, knowledge and tools and to manage their thinking in ways which produce flexible and confident responses to new challenges and situations.

  • Determined: to develop a ‘can do’ attitude in all they do now and in the future and embrace mistakes as stepping stones to success, inspiring others around them to do the same.

  • Reflective: to develop pride in their work and to be aspirational in setting themselves the highest possible personal targets. To understand we can always improve ourselves as learning is lifelong, and fulfilling.

  • Engaged: to be receptive to every opportunity in life and to learn and grow as an individual, understanding that everyone they meet offers something they can learn from if they take the time to listen.

  • Noticing: to use all of their senses to search the world for new learning opportunities and to make connections that will help their brain to grow and to develop as an individual


We are reviewing our  curriculum to reflect the content and challenge of the curriculum taking into account the different mixed age classes that we have.   Teachers have received training in curriculum development as we aim to provide an engaging and dynamic curriculum to meet the needs of all of our learners. 

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