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At Heather primary school, we aim to provide children with a rich, diverse and inspiring History curriculum to broaden their understanding of how past events and significant individuals have shaped the world in which we live.  Children explore, compare and contrast the themes  of infrastructure, commerce, society, politics, religion and belief, culture and war and conflict throughout different periods of British History as well as local and world history whilst also building upon the development of their historical skills.

History is taught over a 2 yearly cycle for KS1 and KS2, see below: 


In EYFS, children learn each history skill separately through a running topic of ‘Me and My Family’.  Children then develop and build-on these skills as they progress through the school.  As well as developing their history skills, the children build on their knowledge through the themes outlined above.  In KS1, children are introduced to the knowledge themes as stand-alone topics as well as through learning about significant people and events.  In KS2, these themes are explored in more depth and compared and contrasted with different periods of history as children learn about the development and settlement of Britain as well as ancient civilisations across the world and their own local history.  Additionally, in UKS2, children look at the theme of medicine and how it has developed throughout history.

From Sept 2023 final pieces of work for each unit are recorded in a history book which will follow the children through the school and help the children to organise and present their findings.

History Curriculum Map 2023-2025


History Skills and Progression Map  

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